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Topik Remidi

Pengumuman untuk kelas 11 IPA 1-2; dan 12 IPA 6-9 :

Berikut adalah Topik untuk Remidi UAS Semester Ganjil, kelas 11 IPA 1-2; dan 12 IPA 6-9. Paling lambat dikumpulkan tanggal 22 Januari 2007 (Selasa).

Format Remidi : Short Paragraph (80-100 words). Siswa diwajibkan membuat short-paragraph berisi pendapatnya (agree/ disagree) tentang topik yang akan diberikan dibawah ini. Boleh ditulis tangan, dengan rapi. Terdiri dari 1 paragraf (80-100 kata). Cantumkan topik, nama dan nomer absen.

Topik :

# Nomer absen 1-5 :
You can tell al lot about a person from the clothes, he/she wears. eg: a boy who wears a punk-style clothes, is definitely a rebellious person. a girl wear mini-skirt to crave the attention from the opposite sex.

# Nomer absen 6-10 :
When you're 35 years old or above, it's better to marry someone you dont love, than to stay single and unmarried.

# Nomer absen 11-15 :
Smoking shouldnt be banned in all public places. Because the people who smoke cigarette, pay a big tax (pajak) everytime they bought a pack of the cigarette.

# Nomer absen 16-20 :
Teenagers should be given an unlimited freedom to do whatever they want. eg: to choose the university (and what major/department (jurusan)) they want to go after graduated from high school; or they are free to wear any clothes they like. Parents should let the teenagers have the control of the choice, because their children are already mature enough to make a decision.

# Nomer absen 21-25 :
Politicans are mainly busy advancing their own career or to get money for their personal needs (KKN/ corruption) ; rather than taking care of the citizen or even the people who had voted them on the election.

# Nomer absen 26-30 :
There are no such things as ghost or UFO.

# Nomer absen 31-35 :
My country now, isnt as nice as it was 10 years ago before the monetary crisis (krismon).

# Nomer absen 36-40 :
Love is all you need when you finally decide to get married.


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