Jumat, Mei 15, 2009

How fat are you?

Bismillah, I really hope my writing can be useful for other woman especially teenagers.

How fat are you?

When I was still on junior high-school, I weight 58 kilos. And surely I dont have a good image toward my body although I dont show it to other people very often by saying, “Doh, I’m sooooo fat”, etc. I’m 157 cm tall, by the way.

by the way, whether you’re really fat or not, It’s VERY ANNOYING to keep on being negative toward your body by complaining at least one a day : “Oh my, I’m soooo FAT!”. People around you could get really irritated to hear that, you know?

On my senior high-school time, I regularly went swimming. Not very often actually, only once a week except when I’m on my period. After 2 years swimming regularly, I lost only 3 kilos but my size went down several number. From L to M. And my belly is flat.

Now, I’m 70 kilos. I’ve gained 15 kilos on the past 9 years, especially after 2004. So when I recall those old memories with my 55 kilos body, where I can use the dress/ tshirt on size M/L, I got happy now!

I didnt fat at that moment! I was only a bit plumpy! But yeah I’m overweight now, hehe… Surprisingly, I got more confident after I’m 70 rather than when I was still 55…. Alhamdulillah :)

Back to my 55 kilos body, at that moment, still, I feel the urge to lo lose 5-7 more kilos (what the….!) because I read on a teen magazine (those magazine with all the skinny models and beauty advertisement could really give us a hard time, leaving us feeling sorry for our body, dont you think??) and that magazine told the readers that we should count for our ideal weight, this way:

(our height – 110) = our ideal weight
So it means, when I’m 157 cm tall, (157 – 110) = my ideal weight should be less than 50 kilos!! OMG!

After several years of thinking and evaluating, I can say that, that calculation is irrational and that kind of standard will give teenagers (especially GIRLS) a bad impact! Okay, that standard may works on those supermodel, but most of those skinny-super-skinny supermodels dont live healthily, I bet!

I think, the best way to calculate your ideal weight is:
(our height – 100)

Do you know the fact that man prefer a more plumpy (berisi/montok) woman? But Woman enjoys to see other woman who is SKINNY. Yeah, surprise… surprise…

But no, I dont mean to say that you cant be a skinny girl/woman,and if you think that your ideal weight is (your height – 110), well it’s okay then. It’s your body anyway. BUT…

I urge you to go consulting to a nutrician/ doctor about the way you’re going to lose your weights (what kind of diet, how many calories should you take each day, how many times a week should you exercise, etc).

And yeah baby, there’s no way as a shortcut to a slimmer body!! So just forget those pills advertized in the magazine! If you dont want to do regular exercise, so dont even dream to lose weights! Doing exercise regularly is the best way to lose weights.

And oh yeah, you might want to calculate your ideal weight by using BMI (Body Mass Index). Mine shows me that I’m overweight, so I guess I have to start doing exercise regularly if I want to maintain my health!

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